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Mitchell Investments and Realty
Property Management
We have worked hard to develop strong relationships with our tenant clients
and have gone on to become long term friends with many.  Some have
even used us to help purchase their own properties.  Our tenants understand
there are specific rules and guidelines to follow, but our system also
provides them privacy and  the ability to enjoy their rentals.  Please use the
links to the left to get more information on the area and fill out an online

*** Please note if you have a maintenance item requiring immediate service
you are required to call us.
* Non married roommates are individually liable for all rents due on rental property.
* Student rental applications with no prior rental history will need co-signor.
* Non-smoking units are reserved for non-smokers with no smoking allowed on the premises, including yards
and       common areas.
* Prepayment of rent and security deposit prior to receiving keys.
* Picture id and pay stubs required with application
* One or more three day notice from past landlord will result in denial.
* Rental history reflecting past due rent or damage balances due past landlord will result in denial
* Any past unlawful detainer action, or eviction will result in denial.
* If past landlord refuses to re-rent to applicant , tenancy will be denied.
* Rental history reflecting pet violations will result in denial.
* Monthly income should equal approx 3x the monthly rent.  Co signers income should equal 5x monthly rent
* Unemployed applicants will need to verify income source.
* Good credit required
* Non existent credit may result in denial or require co-signer.
* Incomplete or unverifiable information on applications will result in denial, as will discrepancies between
rental           application and verified information.
Partial List of Rental Requirements